Removal of ammonia using silicon nanoparticles

Time 2018-11-09 11:05~11:30 Place Rm.600A
Code No. DP-O12 Session Chair
Name Prof. Jeongmin Baik
Affiliation UNIST
Title Removal of ammonia using silicon nanoparticles
Among pollutant gases, ammonia has been considered as one of corrosive gases because it may be fatal if inhaled in great quantities. It can also cause eye, throat, and nose irritation even at low concentrations. A lot of techniques have been proposed in the literature for the removal of NH3 in industrial effluents. So far, many adsorbents such as silica, activated carbon, and zeolite, which are lost-cost and easily obtained naturally, have been effective in removing the NH3. Here, we present highly-efficient technology for ammonia removal by using silicon nanoparticles (NPs). The NPs were synthesized by laser ablation process under low pressure conditions. The size of the NPs with narrow size distribution is ranged from 10 and 50 nm, depending on the laser power. Transmittance measurement of time dispersion showed that almost all the NPs had an excellent dispersion in DI and ethanol due to ultrathin oxide layer, making them useful in industry applications. The NPs were incorporated into the fibers and ammonia removal was tested. Ammonia over 90 % was removed less than 2 h. Here, the mechanism was also involved.